Do You Need a Sump Pump Replacement in Lincolnwood, Illinois?

Sump pump replacement in Lincolnwood, IllinoisSump pumps are built to thrive for years. However, they are not indestructible, and there will eventually come a time where your sump pump is no longer reliable enough to keep your basement dry. 

Are you wondering whether you need a sump pump replacement in Lincolnwood, Illinois? We’re going to discuss the most common signs below.

Does Your Sump Pump Run Constantly?

One sign that you might need a sump pump replacement in Lincolnwood is that your sump pump runs constantly. If this is happening, it’s likely because the float switch is impaired in some way.  

This isn’t a problem that you should ignore. Letting your sump pump run constantly subjects it to unnecessary wear and tear, thus reducing its lifespan. At the very least, a sump pump repair will be needed. If the damage is severe, or if the sump pump is near the end of its lifespan, a replacement could be the better option.

Is Your Sump Pump Cycling Quickly?

Another sign that you might need a sump pump replacement in Lincolnwood is that your sump pump is cycling quickly. In other words, it’s turning on, turning off, and turning on again in quick succession. This is not the way a sump pump is supposed to work.

Instead, your sump pump should be turning on to evacuate excess amounts of water, and then turning off after that water has been evacuated. There should typically be long periods of inaction between each cycle. 

There are several factors that could lead to quick cycling. There could be an issue with the pump’s wiring. On the other hand, its float could be impaired in some way.

Regardless, this is a problem that should be fixed by a professional. You can contact your local Lincolnwood plumber and have them inspect your sump pump.

Does Your Sump Pump Make Strange Noises?

By and large, sump pumps shouldn’t make much noise. Sure, you might hear them working while they pump out water during a storm, but apart from that, they should be relatively silent.

If your sump pump is making strange noise regularly, it should be looked at by a professional. This is particularly true if it’s a noise that you’ve never heard the sump pump make before.

One of the noises to look out for is a grinding noise. Grinding noises in sump pumps are often indicative of damaged impellers, which typically need to be replaced. In rare cases, they will require a full sump pump replacement. 

Another noise to listen for is a whining noise. If the pump seems to be exerting itself more than usual, it could be suffering from a damaged bearing. Either a bearing replacement or a full pump replacement will be necessary. In either case, your local sump pump replacement company in Lincolnwood, Illinois can help with the task.

Does Your Sump Pump Vibrate Excessively?

The last sign that it’s time for a new sump pump is that your existing sump pump is vibrating excessively. Sump pumps often vibrate excessively after one or more of their impellers have become damaged. A damaged impeller causes the unit to wobble, thus leading to the excessive vibration.

This will most likely require a full replacement. Nevertheless, it’s best to have the issue inspected by your local Lincolnwood plumber. There could be a repair that will work in the short term.

Do You Need a Sump Pump Replacement in Lincolnwood, Illinois?

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