RPZ Backflow Prevention in Chicagoland

Your water supply is a precious resource. One of the biggest threats to clean and potable water is backflow—a phenomenon in plumbing where water under high pressure is forced back towards the supply and causes contamination. Whether for your home or place of business, it is important to consider how you use your water and take the necessary steps to ensure its cleanliness. Count on John J. Cahill, Inc. to reinforce your plumbing system.

We install and service RPZ backflow prevention systems throughout the Chicagoland area. Thanks to our training, experience, and expertise, we make your plumbing system stronger so that your water supply remains safe and protected. Count on our team to provide durable and dependable systems, so you can protect your loved ones and the people you serve.

The Importance of Backflow Protection Devices

Backflow protection devices are designed to uphold a safe, potable water supply. The RPZ device is one of the most reliable systems available to prevent backflow. Also known as a reduced pressure zone device, it is a three-part system that separates the supply and user sides of a plumbing system, ensuring the two never come into contact.

The RPZ device is required on many plumbing systems in commercial and residential buildings. In fact, Illinois state law mandates that RPZ devices be installed on lawn sprinklers, boiler feeds, and fire protection systems.

Committed To Improving Public Safety

Let our company service your backflow prevention system. Our team is well-versed in the installation, repair, and replacement of RPZ devices. We will work with you to design secure plumbing systems, as well as make upgrades to your current system. Our company conducts:

  • Backflow Prevention Installation: We’ll design and implement RPZ devices that will prevent water from contaminating municipal water supplies.
  • RPZ Valve Maintenance: Our team is trained and certified to service RPZ valves and their associated parts, ensuring your plumbing adheres to local and state laws.
  • Inspection and Certification: Illinois law states that all facilities with a backflow prevention device must be inspected regularly. We provide annual inspections and certifications.

Don’t let carelessness or a mechanical failure put you or others at risk. Hire our plumbing company to take care of your backflow prevention system. We have helped members of the community uphold safe and effective plumbing systems for more than 130 years. If you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing, we’re always here to help. Our plumbers also provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

Contact us to request an inspection of your backflow protection device. Our company proudly serves property owners throughout the Chicagoland area.