Furnace Repair Service in Chicagoland

Your furnace is what helps you keep your home nice and warm during those cold winter months. When it stops working correctly, you will begin to feel those temperatures drop and see your energy bill climb. In some instances, a broken furnace can even pose a safety threat!

When you need furnace repair in Chicagoland, you need to contact the HVAC contractors at John J. Cahill, Inc. We are skilled at performing both residential and commercial furnace repair services so that your system is optimized for performance and safety.

Do You Need a Furnace Installation or Repair?

Unless your heating system is completely busted, it might be hard to tell exactly when you need to consider a furnace repair or replacement. It is our goal to help pinpoint those telltale signs that something is amiss with your system before they become more significant—and more expensive—problems. Some of the different signs that you are in need of a commercial or residential furnace repair include:

  • Increased Energy Usage: Noticing a steady increase in the amount of energy you use and pay for might be a sign that your system isn’t functioning at an optimized performance level. We can inspect and improve your system so you can stay comfortable without having to pay through the nose to do so.
  • Your Property Isn’t Staying Warm: One of the most obvious things to look for when it comes to furnace problems is if your home or business doesn’t seem to be getting to the temperature you set on your thermostat. Spotty heating issues can make things uncomfortable during cold days and nights, but our team can get everything working like new again for you.
  • You’ve Neglected Routine Furnace Maintenance: Routine maintenance is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to keeping your repair costs to a minimum. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to schedule regular maintenance until they’ve had their first experience with a costly repair. Our team helps you keep your system running smoothly so you can reduce your potential need for furnace repairs.

We're Ready to Work on Your Furnace

Specialized in the installation and repair of Lennox systems, our team is ready, willing, and able to provide you with the repair services your furnace system needs to run like new again. Additionally, our professionals are qualified to service commercial and residential systems from all other manufacturers. Serving Chicagoland clients since 1890, we are skilled at handling everything from simple repairs to complex overhauls.

Contact us online or call John J. Cahill Inc. at 847-864-5225 for furnace repair services without any delay. Our team works hard to repair furnaces for clients located throughout the Chicagoland area.