Do You Need a Drain Cleaning in Winnetka, Illinois? Four Signs That You Do

Drain cleaning company in Winnetka, IllinoisOver time, sewage drains are subject to substantial amounts of grime and debris. As a result, they tend to become dirty. Now, this isn’t always a problem — in most cases, dirty drains will remain functional. However, they can eventually become clogged at some point, and they will need to be cleaned by a professional.

Are you wondering whether your drains are in need of a cleaning? Below, this drain cleaning company in Winnetka, Illinois is going to discuss four signs that it’s time to call the professionals.

Your Water Is Draining Slowly

A sure sign that your drain is clogged is that water is draining slowly. Water should flow down your drain immediately without restriction. If it’s pooling in your sink or bathtub before draining, there is most likely an obstruction that needs to be removed.

Now, you could just be dealing with a single clog. For instance, you might have dropped a pair of fingernail clippers down the sink drain, forming a blockage. In this case, your Winnetka drain cleaning company would have to disassemble the pipe and remove the object.

On the other hand, your drain could simply be dirty from years of use, which happens naturally over time. Again, you can contact your local Winnetka drain cleaning company to have this issue resolved.

Your Water Isn’t Draining at All

An even more obvious sign that it’s time to call a drain cleaning company in Winnetka is that your water isn’t draining at all. This is indicative of a substantial clog — one that’s probably been brought on by years of drain buildup.

If this has happened to one of your drains, it’s recommended that you contact a plumber as quickly as possible. In fact, if you’re not careful, sewage could back up into the drain, creating a mess that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Your Drain Is Making a Gurgling Noise

An early sign that your drain needs to be cleaned is that it’s making a gurgling noise. This sometimes occurs when there’s minor blockage within the drainpipe. The water has some room to move through, but because it’s being obstructed, it goes through the pipe unevenly, causing a gurgling sound.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to contact a Winnetka drain cleaning company immediately. However, it’s a sign that a more serious buildup could be right around the corner. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have your drain cleaned in this scenario. Regardless, you will most likely be needing drain cleaning sometime within the next few months.

There’s Sewage Backing Up into Your Drain

One last sign that you need to clean your drain is that there’s sewage backing up into it. If this is happening, then you’ll need to take immediate action. The more you use your drains at this point, the bigger your risk in terms of sewage spilling into your property.

Fortunately, many plumbers in Winnetka provide emergency services, and they can often correct these problems within a few hours. They will utilize a range of methods to effectively clean your drain, eliminating the chance of sewage backup.

Until then, try not to flush any toilets or put anything down the sink. Doing so could place even more pressure on your plumbing system.

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