What Does Air Conditioning Repair Entail? Insights from an AC Maintenance Company in Albany Park, Chicago

AC maintenance company in Albany Park ChicagoAir conditioners are designed to run reliably. However, they still require some basic maintenance and upkeep. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner, it will suffer not only in terms of lifespan, but in terms of energy efficiency as well.

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly does air conditioning maintenance entail? This AC maintenance company in Albany Park, Chicago is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Wipe Down the Coils

As a means of processing air and turning it cold, your AC makes use of two sets of coils. These are called evaporator coils and condenser coils. Over time, both sets of coils get dirty, taking on an array of residue. The more residue they take on, the harder time they have of performing their intended tasks.

That is why, every six months or so, your AC maintenance company in Albany Park, Chicago will recommend wiping down your AC’s coils. Doing so will keep them clean and allow them to accept and process air to the best of their capabilities.

To wipe down your coils, your technician will use a specialized coil cleaning solution. They will apply it to each individual coil, let it sit for ten minutes, and then use a towel to wipe the loosened residue away.

Swap Out the HVAC Filter

The simplest component of AC maintenance is to swap out the HVAC filter. This should be done every two to three months as a means of keeping the duct system clean. If the filter isn’t changed on time, it will become inundated with dust and debris, allowing additional dust and debris to make their way into the ducts.

Dirty ducts are a problem in that they place undue strain upon the connected AC. They cause the system to work harder than is necessary, reducing its lifespan and impairing its energy efficiency.

You can likely change your HVAC filter on your own. If you’re struggling to do so, you can always contact a professional AC maintenance company in Albany Park, Chicago for assistance.

Clean the Condensate Line

Because ACs turn warm or hot air into cold air, they tend to form condensation on their condenser coils. This condensation doesn’t pose a problem so long as it’s being properly drained out of the AC’s condensate line.

Unfortunately, over time, a condensate line can become clogged with mold and other such residue. Therefore, every year or so, it’s best to have your condensate line cleaned by a professional AC maintenance company in Albany Park, Chicago.

Space Out the Fins

Lining the outside of your AC condenser are a series of thin, metal strips. These are called fins and they’re there to protect the interior components of the condenser while also ensuring that air passes through to them.

The issue, however, is that, over time, these fins become bent and misshapen. Because of this, they struggle to allow air through.

That is why, every six months, it’s wise to take a knife and run it between each fin. This will produce a gap between each fin, ensuring that the interior components of the condenser are receiving the air that they require.

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