Do You Need a Hot Water Heater Replacement in Winnetka, Illinois? Here Are Five Signs That You Do

Water heater replacement in Winnetka IllinoisFor the most part, hot water heaters are designed to last for 10 to 20 years. Once they reach this range, they often start to break down, and they’ll eventually need to be replaced.

 Are you wondering whether your water heater has reached this point? Below, we’re going to discuss the five most common signs that it’s time for a hot water heater replacement in Winnetka, Illinois.

1. There’s Rust in Your Water

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time for a water heater replacement in Winnetka is that there’s rust in your water. In other words, your water comes out of the faucet with a brownish-orange appearance.

This occurs once the inside of the water heater starts to oxidize. Rust is literally flaking off into the water. This isn’t something that can be repaired. At this point, the only solution is to replace the water heater entirely. Your local plumber can help you with the process. 

2. Your Water Heater Is Making Unusual Noises

Another sign that you might need a water heater replacement is that your water heater is making unusual noises.

The most common noises are crackling, sizzling, and hissing. These generally indicate an excess buildup of sediment within the water heater. This means that the water heater either needs to be cleaned out or replaced entirely.

You can always contact your local Winnetka, Illinois plumbing company to help you make this determination. They can assess the problem and take all necessary actions.

3. Your Water Heater Is Leaking

Never, under any circumstances, should water be leaking outside of your water heater.

In most cases, when a water heater leaks, it’s because it’s developed a crack somewhere. This can sometimes be repaired. Note, though, that, in many cases, it signals the need for a replacement.

The only way to find out for sure is to bring in a licensed Winnetka, Illinois plumber. They’ll inspect every inch of your water heater and then make any repair or replacement that might be necessary.

4. You Can’t Get Hot Water

The most obvious sign that your water heater requires attention is that your water is cold.  

There are several issues that could cause this to occur. The heating mechanism within the water heater could be damaged. Sediment within the water heater could be impairing its functionality. There might even be a waterflow issue.

Regardless, it’s best to have this problem inspected by a hot water heater specialist in Winnetka, Illinois. They’ll be able to determine what’s wrong, then recommend the best course of action.

5. Your Water Heater Is Over 20 Years Old

As was noted above, water heaters are built to last between 10 and 20 years. If your water heater is more than 20 years old, you should think about getting it replaced. This is true even if your water heater appears to be functional.

As it ages, your water heater works less efficiently. As a result, it could cost you in the form of increased energy bills.

By replacing your water heater, you can obtain greater energy efficiency, and, therefore, cost savings.

Looking for a Hot Water Heater Replacement Company in Winnetka, Illinois?

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