Signs that It’s Time for a Professional Drain Rodding: Insights from a Drain Rodding Company in Winnetka, Illinois

Drain rodding company in Winnetka IllinoisOver time, drains are subject to many different types of debris and residue. Because of this, they sometimes become clogged and need to be cleaned.

With that said, you might be wondering: how can you tell when a professional drain rodding is necessary? Are there signs to look out for? Fortunately, there are quite a few. This drain rodding company in Winnetka, Illinois is going to review some of the most common signs below.

 1. There’s Water Standing in Your Sink/Tub

One of the more obvious signs that you need drain rodding services is that there’s water standing in your sink/tub. If this is happening, it’s because the drain is too clogged for the water to travel through. Put another way, the clog is extremely severe and needs to be done away with as soon as possible.

This problem will persist for as long as you allow it and could even lead to a sewage backup at some point. It’s best to contact a professional drain rodding company in Winnetka, Illinois early on. Their plumbers will be able to clean out the entire drain, ensuring that all clogs are cleared, and that water can flow through easily.

2. Water Moves Down Your Drain Slowly

Another sign that you need drain rodding services is that water moves down your drain slowly. Slow drainage indicates that there is blockage within the drain. Until this blockage is removed, the problem will continue. 

At this point, you might even be able to break the clog with a liquid drain cleaner of plastic snake. If not, however, your local plumber will be able to assist you.

3. There Are Odors Coming from Your Drains

When a drain becomes dirty, it essentially becomes covered in grime. This grime comes from everything from bacteria to toothpaste to food particles and more. When mixed and left to rot, they can generate some fairly foul odors.  

That is why, if you smell foul odors coming from your drains, it’s probably time to have them cleaned. Odds are, the grime within your drains has accumulated to an extreme point, one which could soon result in sewage backup or similar such problems.

 Need help rodding your drain? Look no further than your local drain rodding company in Winnetka, Illinois.

4. Your Drain Produces Gurgling Noises

When water goes down a drain, it shouldn’t make much noise at all. In fact, unless you’re actively trying to decipher its noise, you shouldn’t hear much of anything.

However, if you hear a gurgling noise when water is going down your drain, you’ll know instantly: it’s time to call a professional drain rodding company in Winnetka, Illinois. Gurgling noises start to occur when water can’t move down a drain freely. The grime within the drain is essentially causing the water to bottleneck, thereby resulting in the gurgling sounds.

5. There Are Fruit Flies Near Your Drain

The last sign that you need drain rodding services is that there are fruit flies showing up by your drain. Fruit flies are attracted to drain sludge. Therefore, if they’re suddenly accumulating by one of your drains, there’s little doubt about it: that drain has reached an inappropriate level of cleanliness.

Clean out the drain and the fruit flies will soon disappear. Your local plumber can help you with the task. 

Looking for a Professional Drain Rodding Company in Winnetka, Illinois?

Are your drains showing any of the signs reviewed above? If so, and if you’re looking to have them taken care of by a professional drain rodding company in Winnetka, Illinois, look no further than John J. Cahill, Inc.

Our plumbers have cleaned thousands of drains throughout the Winnetka area and beyond. Regardless of the condition of your drains, we are the people to call. Contact us today at (847) 864-5225 to schedule an appointment.

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