How To Tell Whether Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned: Insights from a Drain Cleaning Contractor in Skokie, Illinois

Drain cleaning contractor in Skokie IllinoisAs time passes, and as your drains are exposed to more and more residue, it’s not uncommon for them to become clogged and blocked up. That is why, every year or so, it’s recommended that you have your drains cleaned by a professional.

With that said, you might be wondering: what are some signs that it’s time to reach out to a professional drain cleaning contractor in Skokie, Illinois? We are going to review the four most common signs below.

1. Your Water Drains Slowly

One of the most obvious signs that you need to have your drains cleaned is that your water drains slowly. When a drain is clean, water should, for the most part, go straight down it without resistance. On the other hand, if it’s even slightly dirty, drainage will slow.

In some cases, you might even have to deal with standing water. In other words, the water won’t go down the drain at all.

This problem will only grow worse with time, which means it’s best to address it now before it becomes exacerbated. Do not hesitate to contact your local drain cleaning contractor in Skokie, Illinois to schedule a cleaning.

2. Your Drains Make Gurgling Noises

Another indication that drain cleaning is needed is that your drains make gurgling noises. These noises occur due to the uneven way in which water is flowing down your drains. It’s not rolling down smoothly but in a choppy and uneven manner instead.

The cause of this problem? Clogs and blockages, of course. These are obstructing the pathway of the water, thus making it impossible for it to go down the drain smoothly.

Now, this might not necessitate an immediate cleaning. However, you shouldn’t wait too long either. Large and obstructive clogs are just around the corner.

3. There Are Fruit Flies Around Your Drains

Imagine this: you walk into your kitchen and turn on the faucet of your sink. All of a sudden, a bunch of tiny flies scatter through the air around you. These are fruit flies, and they’re attracted to the food particles that line the insides of dirty drains.

If you see fruit flies around your drains, there’s no doubt that they are dirty. You don’t want fruit flies in your home, and you don’t want the possibility of a sewage backup. Therefore, it’s best to clean your drains sooner rather than later.

In these situations, it’s best to get in touch with a professional drain cleaning contractor in Skokie, Illinois. They will have all the tools and resources needed to clean the drains.

4. Water Backups

A sure sign that you need drain cleaning is that there’s water backed up into your home. Whether this water came from your toilet, your bathtub, your sinks, or otherwise, it’s a huge indication that your drains are dirty.

If this backup didn’t ruin anything in your home this time, it very well could next time. Water backups have the potential to do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a home. Therefore, they should be avoided at all costs.

How do you avoid them? By having your drains cleaned on a consistent and regular basis. If you schedule a yearly cleaning with your local drain cleaning contractor in Skokie, Illinois, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about encountering this costly problem again.

Looking for a Professional Drain Cleaning Contractor in Skokie, Illinois?

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