Five Signs That It’s Time for a Professional Drain Cleaning: Insights from a Drain Cleaning Company in Skokie, Illinois

Drain cleaning companies in Skokie IllinoisOver time, as they’re exposed to more and more residue, your drains are going to get dirty. This can eventually result in severe clogs, which makes it difficult for your drains to function sufficiently. That is why it’s recommended that you have your drains cleaned on a regular basis.

Are you wondering whether your drains currently need to be cleaned by the professionals? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This drain cleaning company in Skokie, Illinois is going to discuss the five most common signs below.

1. Water Drains Slowly

One of the most obvious signs that you require drain cleaning is that the water goes down the drain very slowly. When a drain is clean, water should, for the most part, flow down it with no resistance. If it’s dirty, however, the water can slow drastically, and sometimes take as long as a day or two to evacuate entirely.

If you allow this to continue, you’re going to be dealing with an even bigger problem down the line. It’s best that you clean your drain sooner rather than later. Your local drain cleaning company in Skokie, Illinois will be happy to help with the task.

2. Water Stands in Place

Failure to clean a drain as a response to slow-draining water will eventually result in standing water. At that point, you won’t have much choice: you’ll need to clean the drain as soon as possible.

After all, if there’s water standing in, say, your sink, you’re not going to be able to wash dishes. You won’t be able to use that sink for anything. Therefore, this is a sure sign that drain cleaning is needed.

Fortunately, there are emergency plumbing services available. Because of this, you won’t have to wait long until your drain is cleared and working like normal again.

3. Your Drain Is Letting Off Foul Odors

Another sign that it’s time to call a drain cleaning company in Skokie, Illinois is that your drains let off foul odors. This comes about due to the buildup of residue within the drain. The more residue that’s built up, the closer it will get to the surface of the sink, and the more likely it is that the residue will emit a noticeable smell.

This is one of the first signs that drain cleaning is needed. Therefore, if you want to avoid slowed and standing water, you should have your drains cleaned as soon as you notice this.

4. There Are Fruit Flies Around Your Drains

From time to time, you might notice small flies buzzing around your drains. These are called fruit flies and their presence almost certainly indicates a dirty drain.

Fruit flies eat the gunk that builds up within drains. If that gunk is present, fruit flies will be there. By having your drains cleaned, those fruit flies will lose all interest in your sink. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about backups or overflows.

5. Gurgling Sounds

One last indication that it’s time to contact a drain cleaning company in Skokie, Illinois is that they produce gurgling sounds when water is going down them. This occurs because the water doesn’t have a free passageway through which to flow. Therefore, instead of going down the drain smoothly, it goes down in bursts. This results in that gurgling noise.

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