Do You a Need a Sump Pump Replacement in Winnetka, Illinois? Four Signs That You Do

Sump pump replacement in Winnetka, IllinoisSump pumps are designed to thrive for years and years, doing their jobs reliably with very little need for maintenance. However, like all things, they are finite entities that will eventually need to be replaced.  

Are you wondering whether you need a sump pump replacement in Winnetka, Illinois? Here are four signs that you do:

1. Your Sump Pump Is Making Strange Noises

One sign that you might need a new sump pump in your Winnetka home is that your existing sump pump is making strange noises. One thing to listen for is an exertion noise. If your sump pump motor seems to be making more noise than it normally does, it might have a bad bearing. This could require a full-on sump pump replacement.

Another noise to listen for is a grinding noise, which is indicative of a jammed or damaged impeller. If this component is damaged, it will likely need to be replaced. Note, though, that the full unit might need replacement as well. Whatever the case may be, you can have your local plumbing company in Winnetka, Illinois inspect your sump pump and offer a recommendation.

2. Your Sump Pump Is Running Constantly

Another sign that you might need a sump pump replacement is that your sump pump is running constantly. This shouldn’t be happening, as sump pumps are supposed to shut down whenever groundwater levels are low. If they’re not shutting down, it’s likely because their switches are broken.

Now, it is possible to repair this problem. However, in many cases, a full sump pump replacement could be the better option. This is because the cost of the repair is not much less than the cost of a replacement, which means it’s better to install a new sump pump in your Winnetka home.

3. Your Sump Pump Vibrates Excessively

You can expect a bit of vibration when a sump pump is running. However, there is such a thing as too much vibration. If your sump pump feels like it’s about to cause the sump pit to crumble, you should have it inspected by a licensed plumbing company in Winnetka, Illinois.

The cause of excessive vibration in sump pumps? In most cases, it’s a broken impeller. Because the impeller is bent or severed in one or more areas, it’s imbalanced, which is causing the sump pump to vibrate excessively.

4. Your Sump Pump Is Cycling Rapidly

Sump pumps work in cycles. They turn on when groundwater levels are high and pump out the water, and then shut off until water levels are high once again.

Unfortunately, in some cases, sump pumps will cycle rapidly, turning on and shutting off in quick succession. This places undue wear and tear on the sump pump and prevents it from working effectively.

Why do sump pumps sometimes do this? In some cases, it’s because there’s an irregularity in the sump pump’s wiring. In other cases, it’s because the float in the sump pump isn’t behaving as it should be.

Both problems can be fixed with a repair. However, in some cases, a replacement may be required. In either case, we recommend calling your local Winnetka plumbing company to assess your sump pump.

Do You Need a Sump Pump Replacement in Winnetka, Illinois?

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