Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Air Conditioner: Tips from an AC Maintenance Company in Skokie, Illinois

AC maintenance company in Skokie IllinoisIf you want your air conditioner to last as long as possible, and if you want it to operate as efficiently as possible, regular maintenance is key. Unfortunately, many homeowners are uninformed when it comes to maintaining their air conditioner. That’s where we can help.

Below, this AC maintenance company in Skokie, Illinois is going to provide some maintenance tips that will help you get the most out of your air conditioning system.

Keep the Condenser Area Cleared

First and foremost, it’s important to keep the area around your AC condenser clear. This will help to prevent objects from getting lodged in your condenser. Should this occur, your condenser impeller could suffer serious damage.

It’s best to leave at least five feet of clearance on each of your condenser’s sides. This is vital so that the condenser can easily take in air. In addition, it’s important to trim up any trees and hedges that are near your condenser. This will greatly reduce the risk of branches and leaves falling into the condenser.

Change the Air Filter

The role of an HVAC air filter is to prevent dust and other debris from making their way into the AC system. The issue is that, as time passes, the filter itself becomes covered in dust and debris. The more it’s covered, the harder your AC system is forced to work. The harder the system works, the more wear and tear it takes on, and the more energy it consumes.

For this reason, your AC maintenance company in Skokie, Illinois will recommend changing your AC filter every two to three months. If you have furry pets in your home, you should consider making the change monthly.

Straighten Out the Metal Fins

On the outside of your AC condenser is a series of metal fins. These are thin, metal strips that run in a vertical manner. Their role is to protect the condenser’s internal components from external objects while also allowing air to flow into the condenser.

Unfortunately, over time, these fins often become bent or misshapen. When this occurs, the condenser struggles to intake adequate amounts of air. The solution? You can straighten the fins by running a knife between each one. This will help ensure there is plenty of separation between each fin. It’s best to look at your condenser every six months or so to see if any of the fins are out of place.

Scrub Down the Coils

Air conditioning systems have a collection of coils that are housed inside the AC unit, which are known as the evaporator coils. These exist within the condenser and are used to turn warm air into cold air.

Over time, as your air conditioning system sees more and more use, these coils tend to become dirty. The dirtier they become, the harder time they have in doing their job. That is why, every year or so, it’s best to scrub down your AC’s evaporator coils.

You can apply a specialized coil cleaner to the coils, then, let it sit for a while. It will loosen up the residue that exists on the coils, then you can easily scrub it all off.

One thing to note here is that, in extreme cases, entire sets of coils may need to be replaced. If you find that your coils are in bad shape, you can always get in touch with your local AC maintenance company in Skokie, Illinois to have them replaced. 

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