AC Repair in Evanston, IL

Most people have experienced it at least once in their life. They come home from a long day out, excited to enjoy some nice cool air after spending time in the hot summer day, only to open the door to find a blast of hot, stale air hitting them in the face. Their cooling system is busted and their day is all but ruined.

It seems like air-conditioning units never break during the cooler months, but instead wait until the hottest possible day of the summer to stop working. Thankfully, when your AC unit stops working is when the HVAC contractors at John J. Cahill, Inc. start getting to work. We provide the AC repair in Evanston, IL, you need to beat the heat and make your home or business comfortable again.

AC Repair Services from Certified Professionals

A broken, busted, or malfunctioning air-conditioning system can act up in a number of ways. Sometimes it might be immediately noticeable that no cool air is coming out of your vents, but other times the signs of a failing system are a lot more subtle. However, there is one thing that all of the symptoms have in common—they are going to disrupt your comfort, and they are going to drive up your energy bill.

When your AC unit is running improperly, it is hard for it to keep your home cool, which means hotter temperatures inside and a system that needs to run harder and longer to try and make up for its subpar efficiency. When you notice a problem with your system or your energy bills starting to climb higher than normal, then you should reach out to us for an air conditioner repair. We will come out to get to the bottom of our issue and offer a fast repair.

Authorized Lennox Dealer

Do you have a Lennox air-conditioning unit? Then you definitely want to give us a call. As an authorized Lennox dealer, our AC repairman fully understands the ins and outs of this system and how to repair and service it properly. Thanks to more than 100 years of dedicated service, our company is still more than capable of delivering our impressive services to other manufacturers as well.

Contact us when your cooling system doesn’t appear to be working as it should. Our AC repair services are available to clients located throughout the Evanston, Illinois, area.